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WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat – Australia

Mission Beach - Australia

Mission Beach – Australia WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat – Australia One of my very best WWOOFing experiences took place at Sanctuary Retreat, a small rain forest eco-resort perched on the steep hillside of a tropical rain forest overlooking the Coral Sea at Mission Beach, Queensland, Australia.   lush Australian rain forest Sanctuary Retreat was created on 50 acres of Australia’s precious rain forest with a mission to he…

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tropical Kuranda Australia

…and get sloshed on French wine. All these little adventures and excursions illustrate the very best part about WWOOFing: * becoming part of a family and community instead of just being a traveler passing through * feeling that people care about you, as a person, and not just your dollars * engaging in a mutually-beneficial exchange with other people- helpful work for room and board * finding out all the amazing unique places in a region that onl…

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How To Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 6 – Minimizing Costs on Accommodation

…uding their prices, throughout SE Asia. Check it out for full details. C. Work in exchange for accommodation 1. WWOOFing World Workers on Organic Farms is an international organization of farms, B&Bs, small resorts and personal homes who offer accommodation and meals in exchange for work. The guideline is a half day work in exchange for room & board. Check out WWOOF website for details. To get a first hand account of what WWOOFing gigs ar…

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Work Exchange: Pros & Cons

…tables. Nobody appreciates a free loader. You might also want to read about my other work exchange experiences: WWOOFing in Kuranda WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat WWOOFing Gone Wrong ——————————————————————————————————————&#…

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diver on coral reef

…ING ( 1 ) HIKING / CAMPING  ( 3 ) SURVIVOR TV CREW ( 15 ) MOTORBIKE TRAVEL ( 6 ) TRAVEL MISADVENTURES  ( 10 ) WWOOFing  ( 3 )   CYCLING ADVENTURES BALI: Cycling Adventure Bali: Overview Bicycling Day 1: Seaside Resort Town.. Bicycling Day 2: Volcano Climb! Bicycling Day 3: Cruising Volcanic R.. Bicycling Day 4: Cruising N Coast Bicycling Day 5: Flying In Bali Barat NP Bicycling Day 6: A Taste of Java in Bali Bicycling Day 7:…

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Work Exchange: 50 Benefits I Enjoyed on New Zealand HelpX Gigs

…HelpX assignments in some great destinations. Stay tuned!  You might also enjoy: Work Exchange: Pros & Cons WWOOFing in Kuranda – Australia WWOOFing Gone Way Wrong in USA ———————————————————————————————————————&#…

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How to Afford Long-Term World Travel pt 2 – How I Do It

…f interest income finally coming back in from my previous investments. I also did two WWOOF gigs in Queensland: WWOOFing in Kuranda / WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat  Work 6: Training and working as a PADI Dive Master and Instructor By 2004 I needed to find a new way to earn a living. I’d been considering becoming a dive pro ever since I started my world travels back in 1998. Along the way I’d talked with dozens of dive pros at shops ar…

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Work Exchange Tips: When Work Exchange Goes Wrong

…lso find these posts useful: Work Exchange Pros & Cons  50 Benefits I Enjoyed During New Zealand HelpX Gigs WWOOFing at Kuranda  ————————————————————————————————————————————-…

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…because Anis is helping me spread a word of caution and helpful tips on how to avoid a similar fate. Thanks so much for the interview, Anis!  READ TRIPPING INTERVIEW. You might also like to read my version, including 10 tips on avoiding a bad volunteering experience. Volunteering Gone Waayyyy Wrong. Have you done any WWOOFing? What were your experiences? Good? Bad? Mixed? Any tips to add to my suggestions? Thanks for stopping by. cheers, Lash…

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Travel Tales: Overland Drive From Cairns to Darwin

…ese other stories from my Australian trip: Exploring Alice Springs and Ayers Rock Caravan-ing Around Australia WWOOFing at Sanctuary Retreat – Mission Beach ————————————————————————————————————————&#8212…

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